En los tipos de plantillas no hay mejores ni peores, simplemente son como las personas; diferentes.


Just as an insole, for example for flat feet, that would have to be manufactured for a 95 kg delivery man who spends 8 hours a day carrying loads, would not be the same as for a 50 kg granny who walks 200 meters a day. Or a children's insole that you have to correct would not be the same as one for diabetic feet that you have to protect. That is why a template can be made in many ways and the correct one is the one that meets the needs of the user. That is why the most important thing about an orthopedic insole is the previous analysis of the patient to define its design and the care with which it is made.

Orthopedic insoles Costa del Sol - Malaga

Even so, we will define the types of orthopedic insoles that we make as:

EVA thermomolded

This type of insoles is molded on the patient's mold so that the adaptation to the foot is perfect. In addition to being able to choose the hardness of the Eva to give more or less rigidity. It is a very functional and durable type of template.

Price €90

templates type lelivre

Es la forma tradicional de hacer las plantillas, que consiste en colocar elementos sobre una palmilla en base a una pedigrafía, para corregir o compensar un desajuste en la pisada.

Price €70

Template of Cazoleta

This type of template is also molded on the patient's mold, so the adaptation is also exact, but with the difference that it is molded in thermoplastic or resin, which makes it harder in general. It is very appropriate for types of dress shoes with little internal capacity.

Price €90

Children's orthopedic insoles

They tend to be harder since they are normally used to correct and can be thermoformed of Eva, bowl or lelievre type.

Variable price.

Geriatric or diabetic orthopedic insoles

This type is usually to relieve pain or protect delicate skin and can be thermoformed or lelievre.

Price €90


Own design that consists of making a custom-made sandal whose base is Eva's own thermoformed insole. Ideal for summer.


"It's like making a custom shoe."

Price €120